Clinical Commissioning Policies

  • Individual Funding Requests
    The NHS South, West, and Central Commissioning Support Unit (CSU) manages the Individual Funding Requests service on behalf of the Hampshire CCGs. Related policies forms and advice are available via their dedicated IFR resource webpage.
  • SHIP (Southampton, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Portsmouth) Priorities Committee
    Clinical policies developed and agreed by the Committee and endorsed by the constituent CCGs are available on the dedicated IFR resource webpage.
  • Hampshire CCGs Continuing Health Care (CHC) and Funded Nursing Care (FNC) Operational Policy
    The Operational Policy for NHS Continuing Health Care (CHC) and Funded Nursing Care (FNC) details the process for referring, assessing and agreeing eligibility for NHS CHC and for providing that care. This policy ensures that the model and processes are consistent, robust and are timely in their response.
  • Hampshire Continuing Health Care (CHC) Choice and Equity Policy
    This policy describes the way in which the Hampshire Continuing Healthcare Team (CHC) on behalf of CCG’s will provide care for people who have been assessed as eligible for fully funded NHS Continuing Healthcare.
  • Adoption and Implementation of NICE Guidance and Policy Recommendations
    This policy, updated in October 2016, describes the way in which NHCCG implements NICE guidance, but also the way it utilises the outputs of the SHIP Priorities Committee in the setting of its commissioning priorities.