Modern Slavery Statement 2019/20

Modern slavery is an overarching term which encompasses all forms of contemporary slavery involving adults and children including human trafficking, slavery, servitude and forced and bonded labour. It is a grave violation of human rights that affects people almost everywhere, including in the UK.

Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act (2015) requires the CCG to produce an annual Modern Slavery Statement setting out what steps we have taken to ensure that modern slavery is not occurring in their supply chains, and in their own organisation, and must be published prominently on their website.

North Hampshire CCG fully supports the Government’s objectives to eradicate modern slavery and human trafficking and recognises the significant role the NHS has to play in both combatting it and supporting victims. We are strongly committed to ensuring that our supply chains and business activities are free from ethical and labour standards abuses.

This is the third annual statement for the CCG. The CCG has in place:

  • A robust Whistleblowing Policy for all staff. This includes protection for staff when making a public interest disclosure (under the Public Interest Disclosure Act, 1998)
  • A Dignity and Respect at Work Policy and Grievance Procedure
  • Procedures to confirm of the identities of all new employees and their right to work in the United Kingdom, and we pay all our employees above the National Minimum Wage.

When procuring goods and services we additionally apply the NHS Terms and Conditions (for non-clinical procurement). Both require supplier’s compliance with relevant legislation. In addition, we have added specific screening questions for potential suppliers covering the duty under Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act.

Our Safeguarding Adults and Children’s Policy covers both modern slavery and human trafficking.

Our safeguarding adults’ training for clinicians includes modern slavery and human trafficking.

We are engaged in the National Modern Slavery Committee with NHS England.

For 2018/19 we have:

Developed and ratified a specific Modern Slavery Policy for all CCG staff.

We have identified training for all CCG staff which is to be a mandatory requirement within a suite of learning.

For 2019/20

We commit to ensuring that 95% of our staff have undertaken the mandatory training provided by the CCG.

This statement is made pursuant to Section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act (2015).