Alton Strategic Review

North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), working with its partners Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, North Hampshire Alliance and Hampshire County Council, as well as members of the public (drawn from the Alton Stakeholder's Reference Group - read more about the Group below) is carrying out a review of health and health-related care services in the Alton area. Similar work is being carried out across Hampshire and the rest of the country.

We are keen to make sure that local people, and people working with the services, are fully informed and involved in the process.

As the review has moved forward, we have produced three public updates, explaining more about the review and about how local people could get involved and have their say - March 2016, June/July 2016 and February 2017.

The February 2017 Update continues to reflect ongoing, dynamic activity between the CCG and members of the public. Each commissioning lead at NHS North Hampshire CCG is working with at least one representative of the Alton Stakeholder's Reference Group. The purpose of the Group, formed in 2015, is to draw upon local knowledge and act as a conduit through which the CCG's commissioners can consider the views of the Group, who by default are also residents of Alton and its environs. This is an important engagement mechanism in the process of remodelling health care services in and around Alton. This is the first of a series of reports which aim to update the public on progress that has been made through this collaboration.

Download and read the report: Alton New Models of Care Public Update - Report from Commissioners, November 2016

Previous updates of the review, which began in June 2016, can be viewed below:

Your involvement will help us understand how we can ensure safe, high quality, affordable health services are available which make best use of of advances in medical science and technology, adapt to increases in population and respond to the growing numbers of people living with long term health conditions.

This review is an exciting opportunity to develop a robust, joined-up health and health-related care service that will meet the needs of local people for many years to come.