Flash Glucose Monitoring

Current Statement in regards to Flash Glucose Monitoring (FreeStyle Libre)

The CCG agreed on Friday 23 February 2018 to adopt recommendations made by the local Southampton, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth (SHIP8) Priorities Committee about the commissioning of ‘flash’ glucose monitoring systems, such as FreeStyle Libre.

Whilst the CCG has agreed the SHIP8 Priorities Committee recommendations, there are now some important details to work through and agree with our service providers about how these will be adopted in practice. The Priorities Committee has scheduled for further review in early 2019.

The SHIP8 Priorities Committee guidance has been considered alongside other national guidance as well as the NHS England Regional Medicines Optimisation Committee advisory statement on Flash Glucose Monitoring systems.

You can view the policy recommendation document here.

Additional useful information

Please be aware that FreeStyle Libre is not currently endorsed by the DVLA as a sole method of monitoring and in order to meet the national regulations patients who drive must still test using a standard blood glucose meter.

Patients fulfilling the criteria for prescribing are likely to be seen by a specialist at their routine appointment.

Patients who have obtained FGS through clinical trials or private treatment, or who have been self-funding, must demonstrate that they satisfied the prescribing criteria when they commenced the use of FGS as well as meeting the continuation criteria, to receive FGS on NHS prescription.