Musculoskeletal (MSK) Service

MSK poster

MSK means anything to do with your muscles, bones or joints. We asked for your help to make sure we develop our local MSK services, which include physiotherapy and podiatry, in the right way. You told us about your experience of using the services and what's important to you.

Who took part?

684 people from across Basingstoke, Alton and North Hampshire took part:

  • 60.4% were working age and 38.3% were aged 64 or above
  • 19.8% were disabled
  • 41% had received an MSK treatment in the last year.

What did they tell us?

Those who took part told us:

  • 98% would be happy to follow exercise guidance from their specialist to better manage their condition at home
  • 99% want to know all the available treatment options and expected outcomes for their problem
  • 50% would be happy talking to a healthcare professional over the phone with 34% saying they didn't mind
  • 83% usually drive to appointments with 30% being prepared to travel up to 15 minutes, 56% up to 30 minutes, 9% up to 45 minutes and 5% more than 45 minutes
  • People are prepared to travel for appointments but parking, including disabled parking, and bus connections need to be considered
  • 45% would be pleased to use apps or computer based technology with 35% saying they didn't mind.

What happens next

We asked respondents if they would like to take part in a face-to-face focus group. Those that did will explore the themes from the survey in more details. This will also help Circle Health Ltd, the provider we have chosen, to understand what is important to you when implementing the MSK service to ensure it is the best it can be.

How can I find out more?

The full results from the survey and the themes are detailed in our engagement report. We have also produced a summary document