Shared Care Guidelines

For medicines that are specialist initiated/recommended but suitable for continuation in primary care, the Basingstoke, Southampton and Winchester District Prescribing Committee (DPC) may decide to develop a shared care guideline. The guidelines are intended to support the transfer of prescribing responsibility between specialist and GP and act as an information resource to support clinicians.  They do not replace the need for good communication between specialist and GP about sharing care for the individual patient.

For medicines used in mental health, the shared care guidelines are hosted on the Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust website

The District Prescribing Committee agreed that specialists will not routinely send paper copies of shared care guidelines to GPs for each patient.  Individual guidelines are available below and via DXS.  The guidelines can be uploaded to a patient’s clinical notes from DXS. 

Immunosuppressant (non-renal transplant)

Mental Health/Inclusion