The Beggarwood and Rooksdown Practices

Thank you to those who took time to attend one of the face-to-face drop-in events or complete a survey and share your views. The results of the survey, along with the feedback we received at the drop-in events and that was sent directly to us, has been analysed and the themes are detailed in our engagement report.

At the drop-in events we shared a frequently asked questions leaflet, available here.

Latest news (09 September, 2019):

Beggarwood and Rooksdown practices both started the next chapter of their journeys on Monday 9 September, when their new providers delivered their first day in action.

The Beggarwood Practice, now managed by North Hampshire Urgent Care (NHUC), celebrated with a special bake off organised by their Patient Participation Group (PPG). Members of the team, both new and old, greeted the first patients to arrive with a delicious selection of cake, and NHUC Chief Executive, Felicity Greene, was there to shake hands and welcome everyone. She said:

“We’re really excited to be taking on Beggarwood and starting the next stage of work here. We know that some people are worried that the practice will turn into a kind of drop-in centre under North Hampshire Urgent Care, but I really want to stress that that isn’t the case.

“Beggarwood Practice is absolutely going to remain a normal general practice right in the heart of the community. We’ll be working closely with the PPG to make sure that whatever changes or developments we make will be for the benefit of everybody.

“It’s not going to transform overnight, so please do be patient with us for the first few months while we build up a great team of staff and find our feet. We’re certain it will be worth it and can’t wait to get started!”

Things are looking just as positive over at the Rooksdown Practice – now known as Bramblys Grange, Rooksdown branch. The experienced team from the city centre practice have spent the weekend getting everything changed over and are equally thrilled to be part of the fresh start.

At Rooksdown, Bramblys Grange Managing Partner, Dr Andrew Bill, was keen to stress that bringing the practice up to a better standard would take time, but they are fired up and ready to take on the challenge. He said:

“We have done everything we can to be ready for the new start. We are really pleased with how well things have gone so far and we’re sure that, with a little time to bed in, people will see real improvements in the practice.”

Latest news (02 September, 2019):

North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group is delighted that two local healthcare providers will be taking over the Rooksdown and Beggarwood Surgeries at the beginning of September – Bramblys Grange Medical Practice for Rooksdown, and North Hampshire Urgent Care (NHUC) for Beggarwood.

As part of the transfer from Cedar Medical, essential work will be taking place over the weekend of the 6th of September. We’re working hard to make the transition as smooth as possible, but we’re grateful for your patience while it all goes through as there may be some temporary disruption to appointments, test results and routine services. Making sure you request your repeat medications in plenty of time will help you to avoid unnecessary delays.

The systems used to store and manage your records will be temporarily unavailable from the afternoon of Friday 6th September to the following Monday morning. All patient summary medical records will be available for anyone receiving urgent care during this time as usual.

So that we can get this work completed as soon as possible, the three existing practice sites will close on Friday 6th September from 1pm. Routine, bookable appointments will be available again on all three sites from Tuesday 10 September and you can find out more information on the practices' websites.

Thank you for your patience during this transitional period. With your cooperation we can make it as seamless as possible and look forward to this exciting new chapter for all the practices involved.

Latest news (01 August, 2019):

North Hampshire Urgent Care (NHUC) and North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group (NHCCG) have confirmed their agreement for the provision of General Practitioner services at the Beggarwood site from September. They will provide GP services with the site remaining a GP surgery. It will not become a drop-in centre which we know some people have heard.

The practice will continue to operate throughout this period, and patients registered there do not need to do anything.

NHUC has made clear that it is looking forward to working with patients and partners to develop and increase the range of NHS services it offers. This will include looking at the feedback received from patients when NHS North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group sought their views about services at the practice, and assessing how to use that feedback to inform future developments.

NHUC is a not-for-profit, community benefit society that works in partnership with the NHS. It provides GP out of hours services and the local weekend improved access through its Hantsdoc division and has worked with patients in this area for over 20 years. NHUC has been rated as ‘Good’ by the Care Quality Commission and excellent in a recent external audit.

Zara Hyde Peters, managing director of NHS North Hampshire CCG, said: “This is fantastic news for people living in the area. We are well aware that there have been real concerns that the practice may close, and although we have always been very confident of securing a positive result, it is still hugely pleasing to be able to confirm that the practice will remain open.

“Our focus remains the same – making sure people in the area have easy access to good, safe services. We have been supporting the current contract providers to improve services at Beggarwood – and we believe there are some signs of progress now – and that work continues with NHUC, who are committed to serving the area.”

“NHUC are delighted to be taking on the Beggarwood Practice in partnership with North Hampshire CCG and in close collaboration with our patients and the local population,” said Dr Andrew Fernando, Medical Director, Hantsdoc. “We have worked in the Basingstoke area for over 20 years and are proud to be a patient-centred, clinically led organisation. This is a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference to the health of the local population and to look at new ways of providing services to best meet the needs of the local people.”

Letters will be sent to all patients registered at either Beggarwood or Rooksdown over the next two weeks.

**Registering with a different practice update**

Patients identified as belonging to Beggarwood Surgery can register with a different practice, if they are within that practice’s boundary, until September 6 or from September 9.

To support the necessary work to make patient medical records accessible to North Hampshire Urgent Care (NHUC) as the new provider the practice’s clinical systems will be down between September 6 and 9. To enable the work to be as smooth as possible we need to freeze the movement of patients to any other practices during this period. The work will begin on the Friday evening and be completed on the Sunday. All patient summary medical records will be available for any patients who receive urgent care during that time as usual during evenings and weekends.

Latest news (18 June, 2019):

We are pleased to share further news on the future of primary medical care provision from Rooksdown and Beggarwood surgeries.

After careful consideration Bramblys Grange Medical Partnership has confirmed that they would like to take over Rooksdown Practice as a Branch site. We are now working with the practice to determine when they will start to operate services from the Rooksdown site, this will include further discussions with the staff and supporting them during the transition.

Patients registered within the Rooksdown Practice boundary will not need to do anything, as they will automatically be re-registered with Bramblys Grange Medical Partnership and the practice will remain open.

Whilst the range of services available at the practice will initially remain as they currently are, Bramblys Grange Medical Partnership is keen to develop these in the future.

We are continuing to look at the future arrangements for Beggarwood Surgery. The surgery remains open and is providing services.

Finding a new provider to look after the patients from Beggarwood Surgery and provide high quality primary care services remains our shared ambition. If this is not possible, then patients will be helped to register with another local practice.

We will continue to keep patients and their representatives updated, including through the practice and CCG websites

Latest news (30 May, 2019):

Following the mutual decision by Cedar Medical Limited and NHS North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for the current contract to be terminated, the CCG has been considering future options for both practices.

The CCG wanted to ensure that the views of patients at the practices were taken into consideration and invited all patients to complete a survey and attend drop-in events held at the practices. Patients told us that they would like:

  • To be able to see permanent clinical staff through flexible appointments (online, telephone, pre-bookable)
  • Customer service to improve, particularly communication with patients
  • The quality of services to improve, particularly some of the care provided by locums
  • To be able to access a wider range of services, such as dieticians, sexual health, smears, travel vaccines, health checks, increased blood tests, extended access and online services
  • To receive continuity of care by being able to see the same healthcare professional when needed.

Patients also raised concern about the travel distances to alternative sites for some services.

The CCG has also been in discussion with other local practices to see if there are other options for providing these services and these are continuing.

The practices both remain open and the CCG has worked with them to make a number of changes to how they provide services. These include:

  • Changing the appointment booking system so patients can book future appointments
  • Securing the current locums until the end of July, which can be extended if needed, to ensure patients receive continuity of care during this interim period
  •  Promoting the services currently available to patients, such as extended access appointments
  • Securing an interim practice manager who can provide support to the team to make sure patients’ concerns are addressed.

Latest news (13 March, 2019):

Cedar Medical Limited and NHS North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have by mutual agreement decided that six-month notice of contract termination would commence on 8 March 2019. This is the required period for ending their contract with the CCG to provide general medical services from the two practice sites.

We appreciate that this news may cause concern – but there is no need to be alarmed. The Practices will remain open and existing and new patients will continue to have access to the same services that they do now, whilst future plans are formally put into place and shared with patients and the public. The CCG is considering what options are available for the future provision of services and are engaging with existing patients and other stakeholders to understand their views. These views will be used to decide on the final option. In addition, the CCG has also been talking to other local practices to determine if there are other options for the provision of these services. All existing patients will receive a letter in the coming weeks informing them of the change and inviting them to complete a survey to gather their views about current and future provision of services.

We know that many of the patients value the practice staff and it is likely that they may be able to transfer to the new provider(s). In the meantime, the CCG and Cedar Medical Ltd are making sure that all of the staff are being supported through the change process.

The CCG is in regular contact with the practice and is providing additional resource during the transition period to ensure that patients are able to access the care they need on both the Rooksdown and Beggarwood sites. We are also attending the Rooksdown and Beggarwood Patient Participation Group (PPG) to update members and address concerns and questions that patients may have.