The Enhanced Health in Care Homes Project

North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group (NHCCG) and the North Hampshire Alliance have worked together to deliver the Enhanced Health in Care Homes Project, in order to improve the support offered to care home residents.

Five of Basingstoke’s care homes were selected to pilot the scheme, which involves having a dedicated GP working in a team with other healthcare professionals. Through regular meetings and a more joined-up approach, they create bespoke healthcare plans for the residents - increasing their wellbeing and peace of mind.

The Enhanced Care Project Team

Each care home’s dedicated team includes:

  • A named GP who can get to know the residents and their families
  • An Advanced Nurse Practitioner
  • A Dietician
  • A Pharmacist
  • Care Home Staff

The team hold a review meeting within the care home once or twice a week to discuss the residents’ individual progress.

We have worked with GPs and other healthcare professionals to ensure that the project is sustainable and beneficial for them too. You can find out more about the project from a GP's Perspective here.

The Enhanced Care Project’s main aim is to ensure that each resident receives the right care, in the right place, and at the right time - as is appropriate to their needs and wants as an individual.

Review meetings

Residents and their families, or nominated individuals, are invited to participate fully in discussions at the review meeting; giving them the opportunity to express their wishes or concerns.

In addition to addressing anything the resident may be worried about, subjects that are regularly discussed in the review meetings include:

  • The GP and a representative of the Medicines Management team looking at the medicines a resident is currently prescribed.  This allows them to identify any changes that may be required
  • The Dietician investigating any concerns regarding weight loss or reduced appetite and putting together a plan with the individual
  • Any future wishes the resident may have, like hospital admissions and care provision.

    It can also provide the opportunity for them to have a discussion with their loved ones about their end of life wishes.
Outcomes of the project

The Enhanced Care Project, co-produced by North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group and the North Hampshire Alliance, is designed to engage GPs and care homes to support improvements for residents.

The impact of this project on the health and well-being, care and quality for residents will be continually evaluated to measure its effectiveness.

The residents can see a difference already and we can see a difference too, the support is superb.” Sue Burton, Support Manager at Pemberley House Care Home

Comments and feedback

If you or your relative have had the opportunity to participate in a review meeting, the North Hampshire Alliance would welcome your feedback and comments.


Beverley George, Enhanced Care Practitioner at NHCCG:


Dr Amanda Britton, Chair of the North Hampshire Alliance: